We’ve got a triple dose of Pokémon news to share with you today, and each story is quite different from one another. The only thing they all have in common is that they’re Pokémon-related!

First up is an absolutely massive Alolan Exeggutor that can be found at Japan’s Miyazaki Bougainvillea Airport, and it’ll be on display until August. Believe it or not, this Alolan Exeggutor is over 2 floors high! The massive statue was put in place to promote a Pokémon pop-up shop featuring Alolan Exeggutor and other official Pokemon goods.

Next is the latest entry in the Pokémon Local Acts initiative. This organization’s goal is to beautify certain areas of Japan, while also attracting tourists to areas. One of the big efforts of the PLA has been replacing manhole covers with covers that spotlight Pokémon, and it’s been a great success so far.

As of today, Japan’s Iwate prefecture is now the proud owner of 13 new manhole covers. Pokémon fans can walk the streets and check out covers featuring Geodude and others.

Finally, we have the introduction of Pokémon grass jelly! Grass jelly, also known as leaf jelly or herb jelly, is a jelly-like dessert, and a new Pokemon-themed version is releasing in Taiwan, courtesy of FamilyMart and Blackball. There are Pikachu and Eevee options, and the container these come in can be used as a Pokémon jelly mode when emptied.

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