Camelot's website now has Golden Sun artwork

Hopefully this is a good sign for things to come

19 July 2022
by camcritiques 5

Camelot’s official company website has been updated, and it now features some high-quality Golden Sun renders. There was no accompanying announcement of any sort, but some attentive fans of the series were quick to notice Isaac’s art on the front page.

Camelot have spent recent years developing Mario sports titles such as Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Golf: Super Rush. They haven’t touched their old RPG series in over a decade. Regardless, Golden Sun has maintained a strong fanbase throughout the years. Hopefully this website update signifies something greater to come for the series.

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2y ago

Biggest news for the series in maybe 10 years, here is a hope for a 4th game for sure!
EDIT: ran the site through google translate, the updates might suggest they are hiring staff, maybe super rush sold enough for them to get more resources for a bigger game, sure hopes so so they wont have to be stuck in the mario golf/tennis cycle!

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2y ago

Remember that the artist behind the Golden Sun series is no longer around... It'll be interesting to see how the next game would look like.

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2y ago

I have my hopes. If they do make another entry I want it to continue the story with Matthew and crew or maybe have the next game start with new characters that eventually connect with them.


2y ago

Not 100% on this, but last I recall, Camelot mentioned they no longer had a lot of staff with RPG development experience. Obviously on odd turn given how Dark Dawn's story ended. A remake of the first two games may be the best shot at this point. Maybe they could partner with Square-Enix for an HD-2D approach, especially if they need the extra help anyway.


2y ago


Studios like Camelot need to grow quickly and start collaborating with other studios for outsourcing. Outsourcing is unfortunately the new standard with how modern development is going.