We’re less than two weeks away from the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but Nintendo and Monolith Soft still have plenty to show off for the game. Today brings us a wealth of information, including details on the night and day cycle, enemies in-fighting, Unique Monsters’ Tombstones, and the Hero, Ashera. Let’s start with Ashera, who you can see in action via the tweet above.

Ashera is part of the Lone Exile class, and she fights rather aggressively with her two-sided sword. Ashera swings her weapon around and uses swift but powerful slashes to accumulate aggro. She can also counterattack when nearby allies are under attack.

Ashera hails from Keves, where she’s known as a battle maniac who loves nothing more than to rush the battlefield and attack enemy Colonies. Many fear Ashera because of her callousness, as she’s not afraid of death and cares little about the lives of her own people.


Next up is a bit about the day and night cycle in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Anytime you want to switch from daytime to nighttime, you can do so through the main menu. As usual, there are some monsters you’ll only encounter at night, so be careful when you’re shifting the clock!

You might spot some of these monsters fighting each other instead of you. You’re free to leave the monsters battling each other or jump in to help one side or the other. Of course, when the battling is over, you’ll get to collect some rewards for your actions.

Finally, if you take on a Unique Monster in battle, a Tombstone appears at the spot where you felled it. If you examine the Tombstone, you can choose to challenge that Unique Monster to a rematch.


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