It seems impossible, but 20 long years have passed since Super Mario Sunshine first released. It was a divisive title when it first launched, but it came to be appreciated, if not dearly loved as the years rolled on. Thankfully, the game eventually escaped its GameCube origins for a special Switch release, giving Nintendo fans another opportunity to experience this unique Mario outing.

In honor of the special occasion, none other than the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, took to Twitter to share some Super Mario Sunshine thoughts. You can find his comments on the game and its anniversary below.

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2y ago

I replayed Super Mario Sunshine with 3D All Stars. I don’t think it holds up. The controls are clunky, the camera is wonky, there’s lots of filler Shines. Especially when you consider the collect yellow coins, collect red coins, collect blue coins and chase shadow Mario ones.
It’s just nowhere near as fun to play as 64 or Galaxy.


2y ago


It was the exact opposite for me. The game was MUCH better than I remembered it and the controls were fantastic and the best in the whole series aside from Odyssey if you know what you can do.
The filler Shines howevere were a letdown, that's true.
But still: Sunshine > Galaxy > Galaxy 2 > Nothing > Nothing > 64 (doesn't hold up at all).