Here’s an interesting tidbit about Metroid Prime for you. Rob Brown and Sean Booth, the duo that makes up the electronic band Autechre, have revealed that they were originally set to create the soundtrack for Metroid Prime. This information comes straight from Booth himself, who shared details via a Twitch stream.

Well I can now [explain my mention in the Metroid Prime credits]. Even though I am violating an NDA technically by saying this, but basically we got asked to do the soundtrack by [Retro Studios]…

We met up with them in Austin. They were really keen and we were really keen, because it’s f@#$ing Metroid… the best game ever. And then Nintendo borked it for some reason and wanted their guy to do it, so that was that really.

I don’t know how much involvement they had in the sound of it, or whether they intentionally tried to make it sound a bit more [like] us, but I don’t think so really. I’ve read people saying they think it sounds a bit like us, but I don’t think it does. But it’s subjective really.

[Sean Booth, Autechre]

Obviously, the question we want answered is why Nintendo decided to ditch Autechre and go with an internally-produced soundtrack. The only ones that can answer that question are Nintendo, and I highly doubt they have any plans on speaking out about the matter.

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2y ago

I can empathize with the letdown of being so close to working on a legendary franchise, just to get denied the chance later.

But Metroid Prime's entire soundtrack - from the opening metroid squeal to the ending credits - is absolutely perfect. Not only is it iconic, but it meshes seamlessly with the rest of the game's sound design. I wouldn't want it any other way.

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2y ago

Well Nintendo has their own talented musicians so it makes sense on why they decided to do it themselves.

I have no idea who those guys are, but do they really not understand why Nintendo decided to go with Kenji Yamamoto (their guy that wrote the absolutely iconic Super Metroid soundtrack)?

Like you said - Metroid Prime's soundtrack is perfect. I can't imagine anyone playing through the game for their first time and not being stunned when entering Phendrana Drifts for the first time (both music and visuals).