The Video Game LoFi series aims to take classic game soundtracks and give them a lo-fi makeover, giving fans a new, chill way to enjoy some of the classics. The series has been going strong for awhile now, and the latest release in the Video Game LoFi lineup is none other than Secret of Mana.

Game composer and accomplished remixer bLiNd has put together an album celebrating the classic ARPG, Secret of Mana, that includes twelve tracks masterfully blended to reflect the vibrant yet melancholic atmosphere of Hiroki Kikuta’s original soundscape. You can see the album tracklist below.

  1. Angel’s Love (Fear of the Heavens from “Secret of Mana”)
  2. Tell a Strange Tale (from “Secret of Mana”)
  3. Into the Thick of It (from “Secret of Mana”)
  4. Holy Intruder (from “Secret of Mana”)
  5. A Wish… (from “Secret of Mana”)
  6. Eternal Recurrence (from “Secret of Mana”)
  7. Eight Ringing Bells (from “Secret of Mana”)
  8. Star of Darkness (from “Secret of Mana”)
  9. Whisper and Mantra (from “Secret of Mana”)
  10. Pure Night (from “Secret of Mana”)
  11. The Wings No Longer Beat (from “Secret of Mana”)
  12. Close Your Eyelids (from “Secret of Mana”)

There are plenty of places to stream this album, and you can find a full breakdown of your options here. If you’d rather pick up this album physically, there are both vinyl and cassette options available here.


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