Adventurous Minds is the team that created the gorgeous cinematics of Winter Ember. When many games nowadays use in-game engines to create photorealistic story scenes, Winter Ember instead opts for a hand-drawn approach. It certainly helps the game stand out, and definitely draws in fans of animation.

In a new video for Winter Ember, we get to hear Adventurous Minds put together the game’s many cinematic scenes. From early storyboards and animatics to fluid animations and lavish backgrounds, this video runs us through the entire process of giving shape to the cinematics.

Winter Ember is an immersive stealth action game that casts you into the role of Arthur Artorias, the faceless man. Step into the shadows and uncover a mysterious plot that saw your family torn from the history books. On the first night of winter, you unsheath your blade and seek vengeance.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard about the Switch version of Winter Ember, but hopefully we get an update in the near future.


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