Nintendo has announced that a new Nintendo Treehouse: LIVE will air on August 25th, 2022 at 12:30 p.m. ET. It will feature three different segments, with the first focusing on the single-player mode of Splatoon 3, the second providing the stages and strategies for the Splatfest World Premiere demo, and the third being a first-look at gameplay for Square Enix’s upcoming RPG Harvestella. Make sure to tune-in to Nintendo’s YouTube or Twitch channels to watch it live.


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2y ago

I was excited there for half a second when I seen Treehouse Live. Here's hoping we get a Nintendo Direct soon, possibly next week.


2y ago

Yea I can taste that September direct! Interested in the Splatoon single player even though it appears to be more stage-based weapon tutorials and challenges I always have so much fun with em. Well designed


2y ago

Do you guys really think there's still a general Nintendo Direct in store? I was hoping for one, but had started to believe we wouldn't get one.

I feel like maybe there isn't anything new to announce and they're just going to focus on individual games right before they come out. But I'd prefer to be wrong and to get a nice Direct.


2y ago

While I will be tuning in for Splatoon 3 for sure, I hadn't even heard of the other game, so maybe this treehouse live will get me interested!