Following the end of Masahiro Sakurai’s daily Super Smash Bros. Ultimate screenshots on Twitter, the prolific director and designer has announced the start of his newest venture: a YouTube channel! Sakurai announced the channel on Twitter, and his Tweet can be seen below.

While the new YouTube channel won’t be posting daily, the YouTube channel already has three videos available to watch. The first of which can be seen below, and gives a general overview of Sakurai’s goals with his channel.

Sakurai states that his first goal in creating this channel is to “try and help make games around the world a little more fun.” Further, Sakurai notes that viewers won’t need any technical knowledge to understand his videos, which will aim to cover a variety of topics.

While Sakurai makes it clear that he won’t be streaming games on his channel, he does say that he will be talking more broadly about concepts of game design and development. While he’s often been invited to give lectures on these subjects, he feels that a YouTube channel gives him the chance to reach a wider audience.

Links to the other videos currently available on the channel can be seen below. Be sure to check out the channel and subscribe if you’re interested!

Masahiro Sakurai's Creative Works

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2y ago

Gonna subscribe the hell out of this channel!


2y ago

Maybe this will start a trend of other big-name devs doing something similar. Its always interesting to peek behind the curtain of game development.


2y ago

It was similar to a joke and now it's real. Love it.