Take a peek at Splatoon 3's Man-o’-Wardrobe clothing shop

The term 'drip' never made more sense

24 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

All this week, the official Splatoon Twitter account has been going through the many shops you can visit in Splatoon 3. Next up on the list is Man-o’-Wardrobe, a must-stop shop for those looking to up their apparel game.

Man-o’-Wardrobe is a clothing shop operated by Jel La Fleur. No need to be jelly of this jellyfish’s style when you can shop an intensely curated selection of tees, jackets, shirts, and more.

You’ll definitely want to make sure you visit Man-o’-Wardrobe before you head out into a Turf War or Splatfest, as Jel La Fleur is sure to hook you up with some duds that’ll have you turning heads and splatting squids in battle.

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