Developed by Vewo Interactive and published by PQube, the two-in-one monster-catching games bundle, Nexomon + Nexomon: Extinction: Complete Collection, is available now for Nintendo Switch digitally and physically. If you’re interested in a physical copy and haven’t yet ordered one, you can do so exclusively via Funstock’s webstore. Check out the launch trailer above and details below.

  • Two great games, one package: Experience both games together in one!
  • Build your ultimate team! Catch, evolve and collect over 300 unique Nexomon in the base game, and 380 in Nexomon: Extinction
  • Choose your starter Nexomon: 7 unique creatures to choose from in Nexomon and 9 in Nexomon: Extinction
  • Deep & engaging turn-based battle system
  • Embark on an epic journey and explore 10 vibrant regions in the NexoWorld
  • Nintendo Switch physical editions available from our friends at Funstock!
  • Out now on Nintendo Switch digitally and physically!

**Experience the Best of Both Games! **

The ‘Nexomon + Nexomon: Extinction: Complete Collection’ combines both games into one handy package with its own dedicated launcher!


Collect, catch, and evolve over 300 unique creatures in the original Nexomon adventure! Embark on an epic journey across 10 vibrant regions of the NexoWorld and battle it out in a deep and engaging turn-based combat system!

Test your skills against powerful enemies as you attempt to save the world from the Nexomon King. With eight unique legendary Nexomon to find, try to catch them and use their unrivalled power to aid you in your quest!

Nexomon: Extinction

A return to classic monster catching games with a brand new story and 381 more unique Nexomon to collect! The world is on the brink of extinction as mighty Tyrant Nexomon fight for dominion over both humans and monsters. As the newest member of the Tamers Guild, embark on an mighty quest to restore the balance before all hope is lost.

From arid deserts, to freezing tundra, navigate challenging environments in a beautifully animated and extensive world that will see you uncovering secrets, stumbling upon side quests and encountering a variety of eccentric characters. With dynamic difficulty, the world will get more challenging as you progress, and even trainers you’ve previously defeated will return stronger than ever for a round two!


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