A new trailer for 9 Years of Shadows has been released, and it confirms an Oct. 10th, 2022 release date for the PC version of the game. Unfortunately for Switch fans, we’ll have to wait until sometime in Q1 2023. Today’s trailer focuses on the story in 9 Years of Shadows, and you can give it a watch above.

A fateful night of sorrow and ancient magic changed the life of a young child forever, and with it, everything else as mankind knew it. For 9 long years, the world has been submerged in the deepest of shadows, robbing every object and living creature of their color, their joy, and most importantly, hope.

Many brave souls have tried to venture inside the corrupting depths of Talos Castle, a long-abandoned orphanage from which the curse stemmed. All have failed, except for one. Armed with little other than her halberd and sheer nerve, Europa’s daunting quest is clear: enter the castle, find the source of darkness, and return color to the lands before it is too late.

However, this adventure is not for Europa to face alone. In her most desperate hour, Europa encounters Apino, a cute magical bear with the ability to heal, cleanse the corruption and protect his allies.

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2y ago


Not to sound like a downer but the game is only releasing on Steam on Oct 10, the Switch version is coming Q1 2023.

Kickstarter update: ” That date is solely for PC, however. The launch date for Nintendo Switch will be moved to Q1 of 2023.”

Really looking forward to the game thou! Backed it a looong time ago!

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