Smash Bros. Ultimate mod introduces 'emoji Kirby'

This would have made the Emoji Movie better

30 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Smash Bros. Ultimate is absolutely filled to the brim with characters, easily offering the biggest roster in the series to date. That lineup includes everyone who’s appeared in previous Smash games along with a multitude of fresh faces. Apparently that’s still not enough for some people, which is why we have today’s fan-made mod.

The latest roster tweak comes from Terence67, who’s cooked up the Kirby emoji pack. We’re not sure why Terence67 was inspired to add a emoji makeover for Kirby to Smash Bros. Ultimate, but you can see the results of their work above and below. While emoji in general might be a love/hate thing for some people, at the very least I think most can agree that this Kirby makeover is…interesting.

Without a doubt, this is one Kirby makeover you’re never going to see officially released. As far as the mod itself, there’s no doubt it creates a unique look. It’ll certainly tickle the fancy of some, but we have a feeling others will have a reaction quite close to Kirby’s red emoji scheme in the gallery above.

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