Hamster has announced that the next title coming to the Arcade Archives series is Pac & Pal, a maze chase arcade game originally released by Namco back in 1983. Your objective is to eat the items on the stage while avoiding the colored ghosts. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch on September 1st, 2022, priced at $7.99.

About the game (via Pac-Man Wiki):

Rather than building on the foundation of Pac-Man like previous sequels, Pac & Pal moreso follows the Super Pac-Man gameplay formula. The player must flip over Cards to unlock gates, which hold trapped Fruit inside. Unlike previous games, multiple types of fruit appear locked away in each level, ranging in point value from 50 to 5000 points.

New to this game is Pac-Man’s “pal”, Miru. She helps Pac-Man by collecting fruit alongside him. While this can be considered helpful for simply completing the level, every time Miru collects something instead of Pac-Man, the final level score decreases. For more skilled players, it is best to collect as much fruit as possible for the highest amount of points.

[Pac-Man Wiki]

You can take a look at a gameplay video for the arcade version of the game below.

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