Japanese game developer Shade revealed their upcoming action game Samurai Maiden just a few weeks back, and today brings us a new wave of content to go over. A fresh batch of screens has been shared for this “female-led sword-fighting action game,” and if you’d like to take a closer look, you can virtually thumb through the gallery here.

Along with that, a rundown of the game’s characters has been shared below. Get to know the main cast via the profiles below.

Tsumugi Tamaori

  • the protagonist who’s been transported from the modern era to the Sengoku period
  • Tsumugi has been studying the katana since her childhood
  • she’s single-minded and hot-blooded


  • shinobi in service of Oda Nobunaga
  • strong, but not very good at being stealthy
  • she has tools and weapons hidden all over her body


  • older sister-type Ninja
  • her artificial right arm can extend and shock enemies with electricity


  • catgirl Ninja who can use Onmyoji powers
  • wields a giant hammer that she can surround with freezing energy
  • her sense of direction is quite poor, so she tends to get lost a lot

The four girls will work together in combat, with Tsumugi being the lead, while the other girls provide backup. Tsumugi will take down enemies with a combination of swordsmanship and ninjutsu. As for the other girls, they all offer unique abilities to help out Tsumugi. For example, Hagane’s arm can pull enemies and hold, which allows Tsumugi to easily destroy them.

Lastly, through the power of her friends, Tsumugi can use the “forbidden” Devoted Heart technique. This is activated via physical contact, as Tsumugi will kiss her ninja allies to boost power. That said, you can’t go straight to kissing your buddies. You have to build up a relationship with them before you can unlock the forbidden kissing technique.

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