Sonic Origins recently released on Switch, and it offers Sonic fans a new way to enjoy some classic Sonic games. Wondering why SEGA put the project together? Some of the team behind the collection spoke to Famitsu about the topic.

In the Famitsu interview, Producer Nobuya Ohashi, along with director Katsuyuki Shigihara, shared insight into why the package was put together.

“There had been plans to renew the original Sonic series for a while, but that really took a huge leap forward with the release of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie in 2020. We had often heard about the popularity of Sonic in the west, but following the movie release, it really skyrocketed! You could go to supermarkets in North America and see tons of Sonic goods available.”

[Producer Nobuya Ohashi]

“Until now, Sonic remake games/re-releases had always been sold individually, but we decided it was the best time to expose new fans to the games. That’s why we released the first four games together with improvements, and Sonic Origins was born.”

[Director Katsuyuki Shigihara]

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2y ago

We all know why


2y ago

They didn't include Sonic 4 episodes 1 and too though, grins.