We already know that Sonic Frontiers is going to be a big game in terms of content, thanks to the new ‘Open Zone’ gameplay and traditional-style Cyber Space levels, but there’s so much more awaiting fans of the Blue Blur. While SEGA isn’t ready to reveal just how much there is for fans to enjoy, it’s safe to say we’ve never enjoyed this much content.

In an interview with Everyeye, Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka made it very clear that no other Sonic title in the franchise’s history has packed in this much to see and do.

“I can’t reveal how many levels will be in the game. However, I can guarantee that Frontiers features the most amount of content ever included in a Sonic game. We wanted to make sure that Starfall Islands were stimulating enough for the players, with a lot of minigames and activities that would grab their attention while exploring. When we had to create the maps, we immediately thought about where we should place puzzles, ramps and all of those elements that could keep the user’s curiosity alive.”

[Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka]

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2y ago

I get the feeling build of hype for this game is going to disappoint some people. Hope I’m wrong.

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2y ago

Give me another chao garden and I'll insta buy... or make it it's own game!