Earlier this week, Pokémon Co. announced the Pokémon Music Collective, which sees musicians using sounds from the world of Pokémon to create new music. In the announcement, Pokémon Co. said they planned to share creations from a variety of artists and genres as part of this initiative, and the first track would be available Sept. 14th, 2022. While it might be the 13th in this part of the world, it’s the 14th in Japan, and the first track is available now!

The first song in the Pokémon Music Collective collection is titled Sing, and it comes from Japanese artist imase. According to Pokémon Co., imase has been a big fan of the Pokemon franchise for awhile now, and they have a particular fondness for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Apparently, all sorts of Pokémon references and sounds are hidden all throughout the song. See how many you can pick out!

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