Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct kicked off with the reveal of Fire Emblem Engage, a brand-new installment in the Fire Emblem franchise. This title launches January 20th, 2022, and it’s fronted by Alear, the character you see above. As usual, you’ll be able to pick from a male or female version, but both will be rocking the two-toned hair.

Following the game’s reveal yesterday, some fresh details have come in concerning Alear. You can see the breakdown of the protagonist below, along with some new footage showing them waking up from their 1,000 slumber.

Alear (male version voiced by Hiro Shimono, female version voiced by Aya Endou)

  • Alear is a Divine Dragon
  • a thousand years ago, after the Fell Dragon was sealed, Alear went to sleep
  • Alear slept in the sacred land of Lithos
  • one day they suddenly wake up and find themselves unable to remember who they are
  • Vander is a Dragon Guardian, one of the individuals who has protected the Divine Dragon’s slumber

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