Splatoon 3 launched worldwide last week, and the Japanese audience went absolutely nuts for the game. Over 3.45 million copies were sold in 3 days alone, making it not only the fastest-selling Switch title, but the fastest-selling game ever in Japan. Not surprisingly, that means Switch hardware saw an impressive jump as well.

As we shared earlier, the Switch family of systems sold roughly 183k in Japan last week, which is quite an impressive achievement. Here’s where things get really interesting, though. This was enough to give the Switch an incredibly 98% of the hardware marketshare in Japan. That means the PS5/PS4, the Xbox X/S, and the 3DS combined amounted to just 2% of hardware marketshare.

Everyone knew Splatoon 3 was going to have a very strong launch in Japan, but very, very few expected things to go this well!

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2y ago

Yeah it seemed to move OLED models. Impressive numbers.


2y ago

Wow, i know sony invests less in Japan than some years ago but that is quite close to monopoly, impressive in a free market to reach that far when there is other alternatives!