Sure, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is all the rage right now, but that game wouldn’t be in the works if not for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 5+ years after that game launched we’re still seeing fans show it some love, and that includes both in and out of the game.

A little bit of that love comes from RowanFN1 on Reddit, who’s cooked up an incredibly fun mini companion guide for Breath of the Wild. The guide helps you keep track of things like the main quest, Sheikah Towers, region logs, DLC shrines, and much more. There’s also a blank notes section for use as you see fit, which is a must for any sort of physical game manual.

Unfortunately, as you’ve probably guessed, this is just a one-off printing. RowanFN1 isn’t selling these anywhere, so we’ll just have to longingly look at the pictures and be jealous of his creation!


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2y ago

Very nice. Basically a physical version of some unofficial apps.


2y ago

Thank you so much for the article :3

I just wanted to add on to it a lil if that's ok,
As a huge fan years ago I made my first version of this mini companion, with some free time recently and totk reveal I thought to remake it with the experience I have now of making manuals and booklets, so this is a second version check print shown here, pretty much what the final will look like :)

Also it isn't a one off but for the Reddit rules I can't speak or talk about making more / selling etc. I'm really excited when making these and want to share and show the community. For those interested I do make more in two places, my website: and Etsy store: MBPUK
I love the game and series, and miss having something physical in the cases to fill the empty void seen nowadays.
I hope you all enjoy the lil booklet and thank you again for the article! :3 I really appreciate the support and sharing and so over the moon in awe!