Official Minecraft ice cream now available

Dig into these delicious desserts

20 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

There’s plenty of official Minecraft merch out there, and that includes Minecraft-themed snacks. We’ve seen cookies and candy before, but today brings us Minecraft’s first foray into the world of ice cream with four delectable flavors.

N!CK’S Swedish-style light ice cream has revealed four different Minecraft options, and they’re all available right now. Forget about calories, sugars, or fats and just lose yourself in the pure joy of mining for delicious peanut butter cups, nuggets of emerald peppermint chips, and even tasty bits of apple pie!

The four flavors available are as follows:

  • Cake Blocka: A creamy birthday cake ice cream is swirled with luscious strawberry and
  • Enchanted Apple Pie: A sweet apple pie ice cream and a magical swirl of graham cracker crumble
  • Emerald Minta: A creamy mint ice cream peppered with tasty peppermint chips
  • Peanut Chocolate Glowdust: A rich chocolate ice cream with little gold mines of peanut butter cups

Each pint is available for $10 and you can place your order through this link.

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