Publisher Pineapple Works and developer Felix Laukel previously announced that they’re bringing the 2D RPG Of Blades & Tails to the Switch sometime in Q3 2023. Over on PC, the game has just launched in early access. That brings us a new trailer for the game, which you can check out above.

Of Blades & Tails is a turn-based RPG that is action-oriented but rewards a thoughtful approach. Explore a fantastic land populated by different animal tribes. Follow the main story or hunt for treasures in ancient ruins and mysterious dungeons. Develop your character and gain powerful equipment.

You play Reik, a clever member of the tribe of foxes. A chain of unfortunate events involves you in a quest of vital importance to all the peace-loving creatures of the realm. You will have to leave your home village and explore the world to become strong enough to stand up to evil. (In other words: There will be a main storyline but it’s still in the making!)

The gameplay is inspired by classic Hack & Slays like Diablo and turn-based RPGs like Tales of Maj’Eyal or Stoneshard. However there is no permadeath in this game. Your progress is always saved once you enter a new area.

As you explore the land, you’ll gain experience and unlock new abilities. Not all inhabitants will be friendly to you. Some will help you with information, others are only interested in trading, and still others will get in your way. Improve your equipment and collect useful resources in the environment to have a decisive advantage in battle.


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2y ago

“This guy fox” 😂😂😂
Well done.