When Splatoon 3 launched back on September 9th, 2022, it was the UK’s best-selling boxed game for the week. One week later, Splatoon 3 managed to hold onto the top spot on the UK software charts again. Now we’re three weeks deep into Splatoon 3’s launch, and the game has pulled off a hat trick.

While we don’t know the full details on the UK’s weekly sales charts just yet, we can confirm that Splatoon 3 has once again landed at the #1 spot. Three weeks running at the top is a big achievement for any game, and that’s certainly the case for Splatoon 3. It makes you wonder just how long Splatoon 3 can sit at the top!

Remember, this feat is all the more impressive when you realize Nintendo doesn’t offer up digital sales data, while other companies do. That means Splatoon 3’s retail success is purely on the back of boxed copies alone.

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2y ago

Great to see. Such a successful franchise and still relatively new.


2y ago

So in other words it hasn't had any major game to compete against for the past few weeks. MK8D and other old games have been number 1 and close to it on numerous occasions. Still, for a moderately enough successful franchise(though it's massive in Japan), that's alright in the UK.

As for "just how long Splatoon 3 can sit at the top!"? Its short reign is completely over, FIFA 23 releases this week, it will dominate right through to and including Christmas. Nintendo timed Splatoon 3's release well.