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Episode 86

This show is one of our crazier shows, you have been warned. The last couple weeks have been smaller groups for the show, this time we have one of our biggest. I personally think there is a lot to be said for smaller shows, but the final verdict comes from you guys. A lot of fun is had, we get a gift from a listener, and a lot of the show had to be edited. Hope you guys enjoy!

Deux's Rumour- In the new Super Smash Bros. game Tingle is going to be in it. He's going to have a costume change. He can go in the green fairy outfit or naked.

Episode 85

Another show that's short on staff, but big on fun! I think there may be something to this formula! Join myself, Deux, Nicky and Kirby as we discuss the events of the week, all while making fools of ourselves. Our luck proves to be amazing during the music section of the show, I still can't believe how well it went!

Episode 84

Wow, what a show. We started extra late, and we only had four podcast staffers around. Having said that, this was one of my favorite shows in a long time. Lube is the focus of attention a few times throughout the webisode. Ah crazy, drunk Lube...where would we be without you?! Have a listen, and we hope you enjoy!

Episode 83

It happened again, the girls left us alone. You know what happens when it is an all guy show. More stupidity than usual, just as we like it! We discuss both Opoona and Treasure Island Z, as well as some other big news of the week. Questions and music are a lot of fun, just like always! Hope you guys enjoy the show. If not, Lube is coming to hunt you down.

Deux's Rumour- The Cave of Ordeals in Twilight Princess. There's actually 51 floors. On the 50th floor you go back to the first floor then back down to the 50th floor. Then turn into the wolf and there will be a place to dig. And when you get down there, Reggie gives you a phone call.

Episode 82

Wow, it's been a long, long day. We do our best to discuss our week of San Francisco fun while keeping control over Mom Brain and Nintenho. That's hard to do even when we aren't tired! Listen in to our thoughts on GDC, messageboard questions, music trivia and more. Next week will be a more focused show, I promise!

Episode 81

Nothing like doing a late podcast when you have to catch a plane in the morning! The usual gang is here, with our usual antics as well. We answer more questions in this show than compared to our last few. Don't worry, we are back to our usual length as well!

Episode 80

We are trying to get our shows back down to about an hour in length. It's tough getting back to that sweet spot, but we are working on it. There's some really great discussion in this show, as well as the usual antics. Our music trivia section actually goes well for us today, we are out of our funk! By the way, I know I pronounce Ouendan wrong. I am trying to kick that bad habit!

Episode 79

Back to the regular crew for this week. A good show all around, we have a lot of fun as usual, and we cover some news while we're at it. We get into a small discussion about Sonic and the Secret Rings, as well as Kelly McBride, our favorite NPR personality. Have a listen, hope you enjoy!

Episode 78

Our biggest podcast to date! I am talking about amount of people, not length. We have a new podcast member join us tonight, as well as an old favorite. A lot of great discussion, jokes, and we show our complete lack of knowledge in this our music section this week. There's something about this show that I really enjoyed. We hope you all do as well!

Episode 77

Well, if you were following the site this week, then you have a pretty good idea of the discussion in our show. Konami, Konami, and more Konami! We do discuss other big stories of the week, unfortunately they were overshadowed by the blitz these last two days. The entire crew has trouble reading this week as well, which makes us sound even dumber. Is that even possible?


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