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The GoNintendo Podcast is ripe with Nintendo news, brought to you once every week. Come for the news stories, stay for the humor, trivia, and listener interaction!

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Episode 56

What a very busy day it has been, but you know that won't keep us from doing our podcast! We have a big group this time around, and as usual we give you the Nintendo news while acting like idiots. This week's sweet releases are some of the best in a long time! We also have a great discussion about a certain IGN writer's comments towards the Wii. Are you hardcore enough for our show?!

Episode 55

The gang is all here, and then some! Well actually, some people aren't here, but we do have someone who isn't around too often! Really good show this week. Well, I mean, I did have a lot of fun. I hope you guys enjoy it too!

Deux's Rumour - The Wii will have a candy dish attached and will be $90.

Episode 54

An hour and 20 minutes of nothing but testosterone! The females are away this week, so us guys were left to fend for ourselves. Truthfully, we had a ton of trouble taking care of things, but don't let Mom Brain or Nintenho know!

Episode 53

And now the cycle begins again! First show after a years worth of shows, and I have to say that I really liked the way this one turned out. Good discussions, good fun, and good sound quality! Should we start calling this GoNintendo Podcast Season 2?!

Episode 52

Can you believe we made it a full year? I know I can't, I am still trying to get over it. This is a craziest show ever, but I think everyone is expecting that for our one year anniversary. We have some surprises for you, and also some audio goodies sent in by you! Thank you to each and every one of you for making this podcast possible.

One year anniversary of the first podcast!

Episode 51

Podcast out from Chicago, almost the entire team made it out this time! We have been checking out Wizard World, and are on our way to Video Games Live in a few. Is tonight a normal show, or did we switch it up a bit? I guess you will have to listen to find out!

All questions show.

Episode 50

No worries, audio is just fine this week! Well, as good as any of our other weeks! Wondering who the people are in the name of our podcast? You have to download and listen to find out. I can honestly say that there was a huge surprise for the podcast crew on our fiftieth show, myself included. Brought a few tears to our eyes, no kidding.

Deux's Rumour - Deux Michaels may be at the 52nd podcast.

Episode 49

Huge audio problems, I want to cry, this show will drive you insane. I truly apologize, I put up a full explanation at our website. Please head there to check out what happened. I apologize to each and every listener.

Episode 48

The podcast staffers really liked this webisode, they all made a point to comment on it afterwards! It was a good week for important news, so tons to talk about in the first half of the show. Then of course we have your questions, all of which are great. Some throw us on tangents, but that's what we do best!

Episode 47

Two weekends in a row with a big cast, something must be going on! We kick the show off with a 3 part news story, be amazed at its size! We also get to some more questions that you guys came to our rescue with. To top it all off, we all get into singing some songs, I won't tell you which ones!


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