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Episode 44

The situation: A graduation party for a friend with a live band. The place: a bedroom on the other side of the house, hiding from the noise. The outcome: A special podcast amidst a party just for you guys. Do you think we would EVER miss a Saturday?! A special surprise awaits you in this show!

All questions show!

Episode 43

First we covered Play, now Video Games Live! Find out all about our trip to meet up with Tommy Tallarico and the crew, hear about the before, during, and after events as well! A few of us get a little teary eyed during the show too, find out who, and why!

Episode 42

Recorded earlier for your pleasure! We didn't want you guys to miss out on the podcast, and I didn't want to delay it until tomorrow because of our trip. We are finally back to a regular show, good old gaming news and questions from you guys. It is nice to get back to something normal!

Deux's Rumour - With the success of Chibi-Robo Nintendo is going to redo R.O.B. the Robot. He's going to be for the Wii and he's going to be wireless and will be like the housekeeper from the Jetsons.

Episode 41

We cover our trip to Chicago to see Play! A Video Game Symphony. Hear about our (Myself, Nicky Hill, Mom Brain) trip to Chicago, the car ride, the arrival, and of course the symphony! Is it just me, or is Nicky Hill a little punch drunk?!

Episode 40

The intimate show, short on staff, but big on...fun!? I sure hope so! I really enjoyed doing tonight's show, a lot more focused then most, and some great discussions! Some great questions this week too. Find out about next week's special podcast as well!

Episode 39

The E3 wrap-up! We cover everything we did during our entire trip, in more detail for those who missed our daily audio updates. We also discuss day 3 which we haven't covered yet! You also get some Nintenho and Mom Brain love from tonight's show, nice to have them around. One of them is the creator of the picture below, find out who, and why they did it! Search for Podcast 39 on GoNintendo.com to see the picture.

Episode 38

Our last podcast before we make our way out to E3! Lots of Wii support discussed in this show. We also give a fond farewell to Mother Brain, who we all know is not able to make it to E3. We do have some good news about what she will be doing while we are away! The excitement begins for us all next week!

Deux's Rumour - For the Wii there is going to be a game based on the theatrical movie Brokeback Mountain and you can only guess how the Wiimote is going to be used.

Episode 37

You knew this one was coming, a show all about the Wii! The biggest Nintendo news to come out about their next console in a long time. We cover all angles, name change, feelings, ideas, and Wii game news. Tried out a new voice filter tonight, kind of robotic effects. Just testing out stuff for our big E3 trip! Get ready for a show that clocks in at almost an hour and a half.


Episode 36

Last week had no news, this week has tons! Lots of great Revo info to talk about, a great week for upcoming DS releases, and your questions answered. Nicky Hill makes his "official" return to the podcast, and he brings a fortune cookie with him...find out why!

'Raining Buckets Extravaganza!'

Episode 35

Question Spectacular! Due to the slow news week, we covered a full page of messageboard questions. You guys have been asking us to catch up, so we listened! An unexpected guest pops up during the show too! This may be my favorite podcast ever.


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