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The GoNintendo Podcast is ripe with Nintendo news, brought to you once every week. Come for the news stories, stay for the humor, trivia, and listener interaction!

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Episode 65

GoNintendo has the Wii, and we are telling you all about it! We dish for over an hour about the Wii in general, Wii Photo channel, Wii Mii channel, Wii Sports, Excite Truck, and more! So much fun to talk about it, I just wish you guys could come play it!

Episode 64

Spoiler alert, spoiler alert! I think you guys knew that this one was coming. Most of the show is dedicated to my trip to NoA, and my Twilight Princess playtime. The podcast crew hits me with questions that I can, and cannot answer. We also play a little game at the end of the show, thanks to reader Kirbutashi!

First Music Quiz at the end of the show!

Episode 63

There really isn't anything scary about this episode, other than the Castlevania music used. I guess Lube is always scary though...and Kirby's bloody face is a little unsettling. I really enjoyed tonight's show...but I can't tell you why. Just had a good feeling! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did.

Episode 62

Lube finally makes his return to our podcast after wandering the earth in a drunken stooper. We actually have a couple of good discussions tonight, sandwiched by our usual antics. If you don't know who Farquar is, have a listen to the show and find out why we dedicated this one to him.

Episode 61

Back to a regular show this weekend after last week's last minute switch. Good sized group, Nicky Hill makes his return, and of course, we are acting like idiots. It is what we do best! Have a listen, and hope you enjoy!

Episode 60

Yes, you read that right, it's a piecast. We don't eat pie, and there is no pie present at the show either. It relates to us being idiots, you will find out when you listen! I managed to scrape together some people for an early recording due to my trip to the hospital, but the show came out well. We hope you guys like it!

Episode 59

I tried a little something new with the microphone for tonight's show, and I think it worked out very nicely! Good discussion this week, and some stupidity as usual. I hope you all enjoy it!

Episode 58

Our first sensual podcast, you know you love it! What makes it sensual? Well if I told you it would ruin all the fun! I can tell you this though, it really isn't sensual at all. Oops, did I just say that? Anyway, lots of great discussion this week, plus the birth of Kitten Reggie. Who knew that by the end of this show we would have a new mascot!

Deux's Rumour - Reggie confirmed that he will be personally kicking David Yarnton's butt because Reggie had David at a barbecue and David made some potato salad that gave everyone the runs.

Episode 57

Shame that there wasn't any big news this week to talk about. Somehow we managed to get together some news to discuss. I think we talked about the Wii, not too sure. You know, price point, release date, all that boring stuff. Wii hope you enjoy the show! By the way, next webisode I will make sure to calm everyone down at the start of the show!

Episode 56

What a very busy day it has been, but you know that won't keep us from doing our podcast! We have a big group this time around, and as usual we give you the Nintendo news while acting like idiots. This week's sweet releases are some of the best in a long time! We also have a great discussion about a certain IGN writer's comments towards the Wii. Are you hardcore enough for our show?!