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The GoNintendo Podcast is ripe with Nintendo news, brought to you once every week. Come for the news stories, stay for the humor, trivia, and listener interaction!

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Episode 12

A full 3 months of shows! Listen in to find out the details on Nintendo news, and our new voicemail service! REALLY interact with the show!

Nintenho's Miyamoto Japanese impression debuts.

Episode 11

Its time for our Halloween show! All that means is a regular show with scary music and a few scary sound effects! You know you want to check it out!

Episode 10

The first show on our new site, check it out for all the great nintendo news you have come to expect, plus some added surprises!

GoNintendo Podcast! Brand new site.

Episode 9

Our last show before we switch to our new domain! Listen in for our ideas and upcoming plans for the new site, and also what we will miss about our current home. Big things are coming!

Episode 8

The week of DS games! Tons of DS games announcements...tons of stuff to talk about!

Episode 7

Wow, this show is just crazy. There are a few times when things had to be bleeped out, and everyone just seems to be in a wacky mood tonight. Also, we give away a choice of prize to one of our readers....could it be you?! Listen and find out!

'Nintendomain' was a finalist for the name of the new site.

Episode 6

Man...what a crazy, amazing, awesome weekend. I wish each and everyone of you guys could have been there with us. I am telling you, this is easily one of the best days ever. We had so much fun, from waiting in line up until we met the man himself...it was all great. We did a little on the spot podcast while we were sitting in line at about 10 at night. We cover everything that happened in the day so far, and let you know what the plan is for tomorrow. This podcast is completely unscripted, and completely unedited...and I think it makes for a great show. While it only clocks in close to 20 mins, we cover ONLY what is going on at the Nintendo World Store while waiting to meet Miyamoto. The show has a TON of surprises, and is definitely worth a listen. Be careful, I think one curse word pops up in there! Pictures of the craziness will be up soon, along with a movie! You will not BELIEVE some of the surprises...

This show was recorded on-location in line at the Nintendo World Store while the crew waited to see Miyamoto.

Episode 5

What a great show Webisode 5 turned out to be. We covered a few key news stories, and then it was ALL Revolution controller. We talk about how the controller works, what our staff thinks of it, and then read all your opinions of the controller, plus answered the controller questions you asked! It was a real nice, easy going, very open show. I hope you guys really enjoy it, I would have to say it was the most fun one so far. Make sure you listen to the whole show! Nicky Hill comes up with an AMAZING Revolution controller idea, and also there is some amazing news involving Miyamoto that you won't want to miss!

Revolution controller reveal spectacular!

Episode 4

Webisode 4 has been recorded, edited and uploaded in record time! Lots of great stuff to talk about this week dealing with both news and message board questions. You guys did an AMAZING job with the questions this week, lets see the same amount of questions this week...if not more! Please guys...

Squig the photographer makes a special appearance. Deux's Rumour - It has been confirmed that Miyamoto has a patent on Blast Processing and the Revolution WILL be using it.

Episode 3

It is finally here. It took roughly 5 hours to record and edit as a whole, but now it is up for you to download! We have finally broke the hour barrier by 2 seconds! I really do think that with each show we get better, and I feel this one really reflects that. We tried a new mic setup, some new segments, and the same fun from the last 2 shows. We appreciate all the questions on the boards, and they are an INTEGRAL part of the show.

Deux's Rumour presented my RMC - There is a hidden Chocolate Factory level in the original Super Mario Bros.


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