Rune Factory 4 Best Collection, Platinum Collection coming to Japan on October 26

On October 26, Japanese players can relive the Rune Factory 4 experience with two options...

- Rune Factory 4 Best Collection (2980 Yen): a budget re-release of the game

- Rune Factory 4 Platinum Collection (6980 Yen): a special pack including Rune Factory 4 Best Collection and a copy of Rune Factory 3. Includes a soundtrack CD for both games, simply called “Rune Factory 4 & Rune Factory 3” for now

GoNintendo Video - What the HELL are Pearl & Marina saying?! A Splatoon 2 lyric video!

Remember a couple years ago when I teamed up with Austin (of Eggbusters fame) to create a lyric video for a Splatoon song? Well we're back with a new lyric video for a song in Splatoon 2! I hope you enjoy this absolutely stupid video.

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Nintendo Q1 2018 earnings report - no briefing for analysts/media

Coming from the Wall Street Journal...

Nintendo’s earnings briefings for media and analysts have often been an opportunity for the company to unveil what’s coming up next, but by custom the company doesn’t hold one for the first quarter, which a Nintendo spokesman confirmed would be the case this time as well.

This is just a reminder, as the blurb above says. Nintendo has been doing this with their Q1 results for quite some time now, and they're not planning to change it this year. As for when the Q1 2018 results will be revealed, that info comes next Wednesday.


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