RUMOR: Mario Paint heads to DS and Revolution?

A digital artist at workThat’s what Spong is saying anyways. According to Spong, their “source” has told them that work on a Mario Paint for the DS has been underway for quite some time now, and will come out mid to late 2006.. Mario Paint for the DS seems extremely logical, and it isn’t too hard to believe that Nintendo could be working on this.

Further news from Spong indicates that Nintendo may release Mario Paint as three separate titles. Each title would be specific to one type of experience from the original Mario Paint. You would have your choice of picking up the music creation title, animation title, or one for painting. Spong’s source indicates that while this is an option, Nintendo has not made a decision yet.

Spong’s source also states that users would be able to share their creations with other DS users, and even Revolution users. Apparently the Revolution will be getting its own version of Mario Paint, in 3d form. Once again, the Revolution controller would lend itself PERFECTLY to this style of game. It is hard to imagine Nintendo not seeing the connection there.

Is any of this true? As I have said in the past, Spong is not the best news source to quote. They have been proven wrong many times in the past, but they HAVE had their moments where they are right on the money. Here at GoNintendo we want to keep track of the big rumors too…and that’s just what this is. To get an official statement on this, you’re just going to have to wait and see…

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