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Zombie Daisuki - more details, screens, art

by rawmeatcowboy
20 October 2010
GN Version 3.1

As usual, we will only cover details that we haven’t already posted…


- starts off on a farm
- a gas was spread on this farm to turn all the farmers into zombies
- an evil group did the gas attack
- you control the zombies with the eventual goal of taking back something important that was taken from you
- issue directives to groups of zombies
- draw a line to make the zombies move in a particular direction
- draw a circle to select a subset of zombies
- press down on one spot on the screen to gather zombies in that spot
- zombies automatically attack when they see an enemy
- when zombies see meat sitting around, they’ll automatically go after it
- zombies will also get distracted by cute animals
- you will see a heart above a zombie’s head when they are distracted by an animal
- each stage has a particular objective
- object examples: defeat all your foes, find a certain item
- terrain varies, spanning shopping centers, a film studio, and a wilderness area
- zombies are free to roam on their farm base
- build up zombie forces at your farm
- the seeds you collect for your farm can also give zombies special attributes
- The farm also has a special “skill garden” area where you can go to train your zombies with convenient skills
- recruit new zombie troops after clearing a stage
- due out Jan. 2011


More screens/art here