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Nintendo Direct - Japanese presentation coverage

by rawmeatcowboy
21 April 2012
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Live stream by Ustream

All information, footage and screens from tonight's Japanese Nintendo Direct will be placed in this post. Huge thanks to Cheesemeister3K for translations!

It's been 20 years since the original Kirby. 20th anniversary campaign: 3D Classics Classics Kirby's Adventure, Wii memorial software, orig. goods.Nintendo will release Memorial versions of classic Kirby games on Wii starting this summer

Just Dance 2 is hitting Japan as Just Dance Wii 2, complete with Japanese songs

Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 on 6/23

Introducing downloadable software for use with Black 2 & White 2: Pokemon AR Searcher, a shooting game.

Culdcept 3DS gameplay introduced. Download play included. 2-player co-op. Pokedex Pro, an upgraded version of the previous Pokedex program. New features.

Capture Pokemon via AR shooting like in Face Raiders or Dempa Ningen, use them in Black 2 & White 2.

Taiko Drum Master #3DS due 7/12 for 5040 yen. Rune Factory 4.

Taiko Drum Master #3DS with Flying Get from AKB48, etc.

6P Cardboard Warrior, StreetPass, 7/5.

Etrian Odyssey IV on 7/5.

Travel through a 3D dungeon with the stylus. #3DS

Etrian Odyssey IV due by year-end, development progressing well.

Local, online multiplayer, up to 8 users' StreetPass data can be stored at a time, Over 600 types of monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters.

Mario Tennis Open, which is due on May 24, I6 characters, Also use your Miis from Mii Studio, make use of around 200 items with your Miis. The items change properties -- speed, spin, etc.

Nintendo holding Culchobit promo events

Nintendo adding folder ability to 3DS home menu. Group like items in folders you create. Coming via firmware update.

Mario Kart 7, New Love Plus, Kingomd Hearts DDD patches in the works

Mario Kart 7's first patch will fix some shortcut issues with the game. Iwata apologies for causing players inconvenience.

Monster Hunter 3G will get a couple of challenge quests

- Animal Crossing 3DS due out in Japan this fall, development going well

- New Super Mario Bros. 2 hitting 3DS this August in Japan

Etrian Odyssey IV: Visible and invisible enemies. If you have confidence, attack them head on. Otherwise, sneak up behind them. Etrian Odyssey IV: 5-member parties. Create your own map in-game. Learn new skills, customize your party

Get ready for a system update on 4/25 that will allow you to organize your HOME Menu by creating folders. Now you can find your favorite downloadable games, videos and demos faster than ever!

We’re thrilled to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kirby by releasing a special Wii disc featuring all your favorite Kirby games this year! Which Kirby games are looking forward to playing again?

Culdcept details: Use your skills so as not to rely on luck, How to save money: lap bonus, expand your territory, charge fares. Over 480 cards. Start by taking a card. It's up to luck. Roll the dice. Go around the board, collect money to win.

Kid Icarus techniques video. If you're firing while circling, you'll move slower than if you don't fire. Consecutive hits get stronger. By not killing enemies, your special move gauge fills. Adjust camera movement speed, strafing. Assign miracles to the D-pad. Fireworks miracle makes you invincible. Invisibility miracle. Dash attack. Play for records in multiplayer, get weapons. If you don't defeat opponents, you won't get weapons. Striking opponents while they're down is ineffective, so it's better to charge up instead. Super Armor makes you invincible for a few moments. Use miracles in combination with one another. Effectiveness multipliers. When you die, your number of miracles recovers by a number depending on the miracle. Visit Nachure's home and give her hearts, sound test allows you to choose the menu BGM. Random conversations after clearing the game.

The 3DS eShop in Japan has received 3D trailers for Etrian Odyssey IV, Rune Factory 4, and Cardboard Warrior

Fire Emblem DLC on 4/26 w/ Roy illustrated by Kimihiko Fujisaka for 250 yen, w/ Leaf by Sachiko Wada for 350 yen.

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