Operation Rainfall working on bring Bravely Default to the west

The same people behind Operation Rainfall, which saw the localization of several games are hard at work again to bring another game to the rest of the work. Now they are putting their efforts behind bringing Bravely Default: Flying Fairy to the west. Here is what they have to say about their goal.
"Operation Rainfall started out as a project to bring three JRPGs on the Wii to the United States. The American Wii desperately needed JRPGs and these three games would hopefully drench the desert of the Wii in JRPG goodness. The 3DS is now in an arguably worse situation, that is why Bravely Default: Flying Fairy needs to come to the West! (That and the fact that it is a brilliant piece of work) That is our goal, to localize Bravely Default from Japan', and show Square Enix that there is interest in the other regions for this amazing JRPG!

Let's hope their efforts will pay off like last time. You can show your support by going to their Facebook page or following them on Twitter.



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