New Ace Attorney 5 details

Coming from an interview with Nintendo Dream Magazine:

-Phoenix’s return as the protagonist of the game raised some concerns
-the team wanted to create a Phoenix that inherited his traits from Apollo Justice, but also brought back some of his “youth” from Trials and Tribulations.
-Ace Attorney 5 also gives Phoenix a new partner—Kokone Kizuki, whose name comes from a play on words for “to notice things” and “listening to the heart or soul”
-designed to be a heroine who actively fights alongside Phoenix, and so, is a defense attorney working under Phoenix.
-Heart Scope was an idea they had from the begining
-See various emotions of witnesses
-Gives you insight to preconception and prejudices
-First time voice actors used in game
-Eshiro considered very popular characters when choosing which ones to return, but he also thought about if they fit into the story

- They talk about the reception at TGS and the pressure of developing a proper sequel to the AA series.
- Yamazaki is a 'scenario director', which is a rare function actually. The scenario is written together by four people, with Yamazaki having the last call on edits and such.
- They talk about the theme of the 'trials falling apart'. They had played with a concept of a 'torture trial' if you get a guilty verdict.
- They talk about how it is to have to change from writing from Edgeworth's point of view to Nick's (as they are different characters, naturally)
- In the animated parts, you see that Nick is still using the same cellphone he has always used.
- Because of the better sound quality of the 3DS, they couldn't use the old sound bites Takumi Shuu had done (Objection! etc). And as they are using animation anyway, they have hired proper voice actors. But for smaller parts, they might still use company workers (in the demo, the voice of Shinobu was actually also a company worker)
- Dark Payne (little brother) was conceived because they wanted a evil prosecutor, but they couldn't just change Payne (older brother) in someone evil suddenly. They do still think that Payne is still working. They joke about how the Paynes are now the Turnabout Brothers. Yamazaki throws in an idea for a new game: Turnabout Payne (Eshiro: What are they going to turnabout?!).
- If Kay is a genki girl, then Kotone is a determined girl, who will do everything to help her superior, according to Yamazaki.
- The pendant Kotone is wearing is called a Monita (モニ太). Because a monitor comes out of it. One of the apps in it, is the Heart Scope.



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