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Dragon Quest IX "Defender of the Stars" for DS!

by rawmeatcowboy
12 December 2006
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Wow…just wow! I read the first email I was sent about this, and wasn’t sure if it was true or not. Then two seconds later another one popped into my inbox…same story, different link. Sounds like this is true!

We knew that Square-Enix was holding a press conference today in Japan. We also knew that they were going to talk about a new Dragon Quest game. Dragon Quest VIII was the last main adventure, which was released for the PS2. Many people were hoping that the next true Dragon Quest would go to the Wii. Well, it is indeed going to Nintendo…but instead of the Wii, it will be for the DS! Development is being handled by Level 5, and the game will also feature 4 player co-op and wifi play! The team would love to have the game out sometime in 2007.

If any pictures of any aspect of the game pop up through the night, I will post them up. How huge is this news!


Thanks to Lf_Sickman, JasonMCG, and Vooks for the heads up!

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