GoNintendo 5.0: Welcome to... this

Greetings. If you are reading this, then you're on GoNintendo 5.0!

As you look around, you'll begin to see holes of sort where site functionality is missing or could be improved. Rest assured, this is a *work in progress* and it will get better as time goes on.

First, some important information...

User accounts:

GN5 shares the same code base and database of GoingSony. User accounts work on both sites. So if you already have a GoingSony account, you can use that to log in to GoNintendo! Keep in mind though, you get banned at one site, you are banned at the other.

If you logged into old GoNintendo at least once since April 1, 2015 and don't have a GoingSony account of the same username, then you already have an account! Use the "Forgot my password" function on the site and provide the e-mail address you had with your old GoNintendo account. You will receive an e-mail from GGGSite.Notifications@gmail.com with a link to set your password.

If you had an old GoNintendo account AND a GoingSony account of the same (or similar with matching e-mail) username with the same e-mail on both accounts, then those accounts are already "link". By "linked" I mean "we linked the GN information with the GS account info for use in a later site feature." For those accounts whose username matching up but the e-mails on the two accounts did not, those were manually handled and linked where appropriate.

Having issues? Send me a DM to my Twitter (@t27duck) and I'll work things out with you as soon as I can.


The UI for the main forum page is NOT DONE. Right now, it mostly resembles a series of blog entries with the ability to zero in by category. This will be tweaked and improved over time. Due to the need to launch quickly, we're going with what we have.


You can have threaded conversations now! Right now, the UI limits nested conversations to three deep. This will be changed over time as we work out the spacing, padding, and sizing.


By default, your avatar is your Gravatar using the e-mail on your account. You can provide an external URL to be your avatar if you wish.


You can now switch back and forth between the "new" mibbit client and the original client if you prefer.


The RSS url has changed. Get the new on from the sidebar.

Story searching:

... yeah it kind of blows right now. This will be imporoved over time.


The site is set up to e-mail me if something breaks. If you get a BSOD page with a screen shot of "I AM ERROR" from Zelda II, that is an error. I get notified and will work on a fix as soon as I can.


So... yeah that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Send me a PM on the site or a DM on Twitter with questions.

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Can't wait to see how this site looks like once it's completed.

Well it's great that things are back to a point, but hopefully things will work out soon.  The RSS doesn't seem to be working yet though.  But I'm sure things will work out.  Not sure if it's worth reporting as a 'bug', but this text-box is a bit laggy for some reason.  I know it's my old computer, but it wasn't this noticeable before is what I mean.  Either way great work so far, I'm sure RMC will be at least a little relieved.

This looks better than expected

About time the site got fixed! Now I can live a normal life again! Good job on the site restoration. I'm digging the new design.

It's back! Love the linked accounts with GoingSony! It's something I've been suggesting at GoingSony for a long time, so to finally see it a reality is fantastic!

Super cool! It looks amazing, and hopefully we can keep on improving!

Well, it'll take a while for me to get used to this look. At the moment it seems like yet another wordpress site. I'm more used to phpbb forums so I'll likely be missing the old forums for a LONG time.

Well, glad to see the site back up and running. Been wondering what happen the day when the site went down. The site's redesign looks more simpler but good. 

Liking this new look! It's sleek.

Loving the new look Smile 

Sat May 09 15 09:44pm
(Updated 1 time)

Well, the site is looking really good, RMC. I can't wait to see it at 100% in its final version!! And as this is a new beginning, i guess it is time to leave my Cless avatar behind and transform into a freaking ninja!! (League of Legends fan, but a nice and friendly player!).

Site is looking gogd, Keep up the good work GN Staff

Welcome back guys!  And thanks for the hard work you all put in getting things back  to 'normal.'  The new look is pretty cool, especially given that it isn't totally done yet.  I absolutely LOVE the new banner.  It's perfect in every way. Smile

Wishing you the best luck as you continue to work and finish 5.0, and I hope no more awful mishaps set things back.  I know it's devastating to lose that year of work, but I'm thankful that the majority of the site content is still OK.  Looking forward to seeing what the future has in store!!

It has been a crazy week for GoNintendo, glad we launched 5.0 even if it is an unfinished version.

Had to make a new account but its fine, its mostly the same.
Grats on the relaunch and good luck with everything GN! Love the new banner btw, :D

Sat May 09 15 10:26pm
(Updated 1 time)

The new GoNintendo looks great! :D
That Star Fox banner is slick.


Polished things off at 4am Japan time Smile

Yeah, the banner is awesome.
Is that a RMC-Andross?

Yep! in all his low-poly, 3d glory.

Yay my account works! Loving the new layout. It has been a tough few days for the site, but I think going forward GN is going to be better than ever!

Sat May 09 15 10:58pm
(Updated 2 times)

Looking good! Thank you very much RMC and Co.
Still don't get used to this "new" layout.

EDIT: One thing I'm gonna miss from the old site is that epic post I made almost 3 years ago about Nintendo's First and Second-parties, their IPs and the IPs of other companies they've worked with.

Hey sup, just re-regged to the site.

Hello! It seems like my old account wasn't able to be transferred.
Well, time for a fresh start I guess.
Gonna miss my 100+ comments and stuff...

Sleek and streamlined. I love it!

Well, I'm in and ready to keep reading! Great work to everyone who worked on everything!

My 2 cents: the gradient bar things are a bit jarring but I kind of assume that is part of the placeholder stuff. the comment entry aligned wrong because of the "new user" moderation deal. Also I think the comments probably don't need the gradient box around them at all and also when you highlight links in chrome things get a bit broken.  Looks real good though, miles better than the old site.

I'm likeing the new site guys.

Haven't posted a comment in a while. Figured this was the best time to come back. Nice redesign! Looking forward to seeing what else is coming up...


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