GoNintendo 5.0: Welcome to... this

Greetings. If you are reading this, then you're on GoNintendo 5.0!

As you look around, you'll begin to see holes of sort where site functionality is missing or could be improved. Rest assured, this is a *work in progress* and it will get better as time goes on.

First, some important information...

User accounts:

GN5 shares the same code base and database of GoingSony. User accounts work on both sites. So if you already have a GoingSony account, you can use that to log in to GoNintendo! Keep in mind though, you get banned at one site, you are banned at the other.

If you logged into old GoNintendo at least once since April 1, 2015 and don't have a GoingSony account of the same username, then you already have an account! Use the "Forgot my password" function on the site and provide the e-mail address you had with your old GoNintendo account. You will receive an e-mail from GGGSite.Notifications@gmail.com with a link to set your password.

If you had an old GoNintendo account AND a GoingSony account of the same (or similar with matching e-mail) username with the same e-mail on both accounts, then those accounts are already "link". By "linked" I mean "we linked the GN information with the GS account info for use in a later site feature." For those accounts whose username matching up but the e-mails on the two accounts did not, those were manually handled and linked where appropriate.

Having issues? Send me a DM to my Twitter (@t27duck) and I'll work things out with you as soon as I can.


The UI for the main forum page is NOT DONE. Right now, it mostly resembles a series of blog entries with the ability to zero in by category. This will be tweaked and improved over time. Due to the need to launch quickly, we're going with what we have.


You can have threaded conversations now! Right now, the UI limits nested conversations to three deep. This will be changed over time as we work out the spacing, padding, and sizing.


By default, your avatar is your Gravatar using the e-mail on your account. You can provide an external URL to be your avatar if you wish.


You can now switch back and forth between the "new" mibbit client and the original client if you prefer.


The RSS url has changed. Get the new on from the sidebar.

Story searching:

... yeah it kind of blows right now. This will be imporoved over time.


The site is set up to e-mail me if something breaks. If you get a BSOD page with a screen shot of "I AM ERROR" from Zelda II, that is an error. I get notified and will work on a fix as soon as I can.


So... yeah that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Send me a PM on the site or a DM on Twitter with questions.

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YAY! GN is back online. While I've been twitter stalking RMC for the past day or so, nothing beats getting able to visit. Just a few questions.
1. Was any of the previous forums data recoverable? There was a lot of good stuff there so I hope it isn't completely lost.
2. Is there any other way to go to a second page of comments without having to see the whole story?
3. Where's Moldy and MoM!?
Great work on getting the site back up!

I noticed the pagination doesn't jump down to the comments. Will def fix that!

Nice! FYI, I love the reply notifications that appear up on top. I remember asking about it more than a year ago and you hinting about it. Great to see it actualized. 

I really love the new site! The only downside is the title text for each post is a bit too thin. I think bolder and darker text would be nice!

Great job guys, the new site looks great! I especially love the mobile version, so much more useable than before! Only one complaint so far: it seems like you are only able to upvote/downvote 3 stories a day now? Will that be changed at some point?

Right now that's just the limit we had during testing. We can probably up that for now, though it will never be unlimited, because it will play a part in our community features; an upgrade of the old rank system we had on the previous forums.

We've bumped the limit to 8 for now!

Sun May 10 15 03:43am
(Updated 2 times)

I have a monitor with slightly too much contrast (and no way to fix it) and the way-too-thin, faint title font is killing my eyes, also the new font itself is horrible, it makes everything look so spaced out it's kinda hard to read.

Please at least make the titles thicker and darker.

I will look into this, but no promises!

I hope things go back to normal for you soon! Huge bummer about all the old data but it's impressive how quickly you got this new one up and running!

Looks okay so far. Personal opinion, I don't like the title font as much, it is too thin for me. Prefer it to be a bit smaller and bolder. Otherwise looking good so far. Thanks RMC & t27duck. Good work, thanks for all the sweat.

You're welcome!

(forget something?)

Just a few more questions that crossed my mind.
In regards to the forums, will there be any chance that the previous forums data is brought over, or is that all lost as well? 
Also, for later when the forums are complete, it would be cool to have a section on the right sidebar where you could see recently updated forums (like the previous version of GN).

The previous forums were part of the previous site. If that's gone, so is the rest. Sad

Have plenty planned for the forums, but it's not likely to be like what we had before. Maybe the same functions or features, but this format.

Sleek looking design. I'm sure I'm gonna miss some of the old design quirks, but this is much better on a mobile device, I'll tell you that!
Hopefully the forums will be up and running soon as well.

They are up and running, just not "done".

Feel free to start using them anytime!

Well, that's true, but you know what I mean (and I have, haha). Bad choice of words on my part.

Ah, finally, I can comment again. ^^ Lovely new site, RMC and Crew. Really sad about what happend to old GoNintendo, but this new one has a real scent of freshness to it.
Now I just have to figure out how different the Forums are.

Sun May 10 15 08:49am
(Updated 1 time)

I know it's already been mentioned, but that style to the title and usernames is really hard to read. Too thin, too light. A title should grab attention, not avoid it...

Also this text box is only a single row instead of the whole white area (before you fill it with text ofc), making it confusing where you need to click to set focus to the text input.
The comment input box also looks really weird jutted off to the right. I get you wanted the "Don't be a jerk" reminder be read first and therefore to the left but it ruffles my jimmies none the less.

Yeah, the text area is on the right, since that's where it appears in all of the other forms on the site. Of course the rules are important too Smile

I love the new look! It's great.

Just noticed 'My Discussions' so I can see what stories I've commented on, but there seems to be no way to jump to the first unread-message.  Is that something that will come when the forums are better oriented, or is it not possible since there are nested comments now?  (And good grief my computer can't handle this simple text box without lagging ;_; )

you would probably use the 'notifications' feature instead. much more granular.

Sun May 10 15 02:03pm
(Updated 3 times)

Edit: Whoops, replied to the wrong comment, was meant to be to your comment before this one (the one that was a reply to my previous comment).
Edit2: The titles and usernames looks good now btw, great improvement Smile .

The footer wasn't blue before though right? Probably why it feels different now, more contrast.
The oddly large spacing on top (and partially on the left) and thick grey gradient on top of that doesn't help either.

Glad to see the site back up and running!
One thing I'd like to know is if we'll be able to sort stories by "Popular" again. It was honestly my favourite way to read the site and I'll sorely miss it if it's gone (I find "Top Stories" to be a good way to sort but it really misses some interesting stuff)

Could come back. Don't quote me on that!

Sun May 10 15 02:41pm
(Updated 1 time)

Great that the new Design is up! i Have been reading GN for so many years now, and i cant remember when was the first time, but many meaning more than 6. I felt bad when the page didnt load as i try to go to GN and much more worse when i hear what happened to the site. Feeling exited for the new design and also to be a more active member if the community. GN5!

Sun May 10 15 03:55pm
(Updated 1 time)

I'm just so glad that it's back Smile That were weird hours or nearly days when I was staring at my phone confused, not knowing where I can get ALL my Nintendo news.

I LOVE the new layout! I hope it doesn't change too much anymore, because it's rrreally slick and modern the way it is.

One idea: Maybe the "older posts" button at the end could use AJAX, so the posts appear right below? Would save time and some traffic on the go.

edit: I'd love to have the mushroom favicon back :'(

Really liking the new look after a day of looking around at everything. Not a huge change, but very nice. Looking forward to getting the forums back in an easier to navigate way.

Congratulations on the new site! It looks super slick. :D

OK, so where can I find the link to GoingSony so I can get there from GN without having to manually type it in or go to my bookmarks?

It's already on my list of "little things". Please hold tight!

Sun May 10 15 11:10pm
(Updated 1 time)

EDIT: Please ignore. Accidentally posted this and I don't see a delete button.

I'd say don't hold your breath; use what we have, because we never planned to use those forums anymore. Best case is we get some data back and can port it to the new forums format we have now.

Will do! Hope you guys are taking the time to rest in between all the work you all are putting in! Thanks again.

Glad to see things working again. (Finally able to re-login)
(Also this is a test comment, so see what I can and cant do on comments, like edit it, or delete since I see some people commenting about it, also liking the mobile version, just dislike that no images are shown related to each news lol)

You can change that setting in your profile 

I did but I am guessing it takes a couple moments for the changes to take affect. 

It's instant. Change the setting for the mobile or desktop site and you'll see the change immediately when reloading the index.

You guys all did a great job cortjezter, t27duck, and RMC. Props.

It isn't usable on a small screen, posts are too big and I can't see them easily on my laptop.. Can't I switch to the old layout?

I think you might be doing it wrong then... the new design is tons more usable on small screens, all the way down to tiny phones. You may need some kind of tech support beyond what we can provide. Maybe you could post/email some photos to show what you're seeing...

Will there no longer be an RSS feed for Top Stories? Sad

It will probably come back in the future, but it's not at the top of my TODO list right now.

I lied. Knocked it out real quick: http://feedpress.me/gonintendo-topstories

Thanks man I appreciate it!


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