Iwata says Nintendo is open to extending licenses to films/video content

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Mario needs a new cartoon. The Super Mario Super Show taught me and got me into games back in 1990, just like how Pokemon's anime has influenced millions of players in the last, what, 17 years?

Anime adaptations like in Palutena clip?

Well there was that rumor of the Legend of Zelda Netflix show

Hmm, I would say:
Zelda - Live Action T.V. show
Mario - American style cartoon
Starfox + Donkey Kong - CGI
FZero and Metroid - Movies
Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus - Anime

Sun May 10 15 12:39am
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Not sure how I feel about this...if they can make something that's actually good I'm all for it, but I don't want another Legend of Zelda cartoon ("excuuuuuse meeeee princess!) or Super Mario Bros. movie. But if Nintendo has final say in it, it could be good. Although if Other M is any indication of what Nintendo thinks is good, in terms of an epic narrative...lol

If there's no 'Super Hornio Bros. 3', sign me up!

Metroid needs a live action movie, A revival of the DKC cartoon with upgraded CGI of course, A new Mario cartoon, Smash Bros. Anime series, Star Fox CGI movie. Those are what I'd like to see the most.

Sun May 10 15 07:35am
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Do yourselves a favor and don't let it leave to the other side of the pond. Seriously, any attempts by the West to make Nintendo properties into film or television have been terrible let alone the fact that video game adaptations in general have been bad. No reason to trust them now. I say just make a whole bunch of anime series off of titles like Kid Icarus, Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem: Awakening, etc. And of course avoid live action like the plague.

Sun May 10 15 11:01am
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There's only been one good video game-to-other media conversion, and it was Earthworm Jim. 
Anime just confuses people by making 100 episodes a minute, tricking people into thinking they must be doing something right.  Pokemon was fun when it was new but let's not pretend it's any good.  It's very lazy.

The Professor Layton movie was good, too. But the games already had great cutscenes and stories, so it wasn't that hard I guess.

I read a list of video games to cartoons/movies and I missed that one.  I bet it is good, and it would be worth watching if only to see someone rolling their eyes at Layton's love of puzzles.

I would love to see some Nintendo themes cartoons, live action shows, or movies. As long as they are done right! They should make a deal with Pixar for one of their franchises.


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