ESRB - New Super Mario Bros. rated for Wii U VC

Thanks to Connor for the heads up!

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I'll wait for NSMBW,, thank you very much.

ugh...they always go for the games everybody has played already..geesh there are other VC we actually want, Nintendo.

I still have my copy, but playing this game on the big screen would be a nice treat.

Still waiting on 3rd party DS games... Give me RE:DS!

I'd play it on the big screen, even though I still have my launch copy, which seems to malfunction from time to time.

I really enjoyed this the first time around. I'd buy it again.

Only NSMB2 left and then you can play all NSMB-games on Wii U

A hub page has popped up for the Wii U VC re-release of NSMB1, and it states it's release date will be tomorrow (May 14th 2015): http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/rPFfOWhjxj_2pw7XpWCDZsi20tupjHME
Source: Nintendo of America games hub page for Wii U, unclick 'Available Now'
As such, this week the North American Wii U Virtual Console gets three titles this week: New Super Mario Bros. (DS) along with the previously-confirmed Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue (GBA) and Megaman Batle Network 3 White (GBA).


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