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Monochroma no longer coming to Wii U due to technical issues

by rawmeatcowboy
15 May 2015
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Coming from a Monochroma Kickstarter update...

We're developing Monochroma for Xbox One. The development is close to the end. Hopefully it will be ready by the end of summer. There won't be any retail version but I can send a digital version of it to all backers who selected Xbox One, 360, Wii, Ouya or PS3, PS4 versions of Monochroma, because unfortunately these other platforms are not going to happen. We have serious performance problems that we can't overcome without developing the whole game from scratch again.

We still have a small chance for PS4 development next year but it's quite low as PS4 requires the project to be built on Unity5 and we can't port the project to Unity 5 without losing more than half of the assets. If Xbox One shows better than expected sales we will work for PS4.

You can still go for Mac, PC or Linux versions on Steam.