Splatoon manga in the works

Looks like the manga launches on May 28th. We'll try to get more info on this series and hopefully hear about an English release!

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Black and white? How's this going to work? Unless they stick to only two color.

I'd totally read that, even if it's just to learn about the lore.

Surprised it took them this long.

I would totally buy this.

They are pushing this new IP super hard.

That's pretty awesome! Nice to see something like this for a new game.

Hmm... a little disappointed that blue boy Inkling appears to be the main character here... since orange girl appears to be treated as the default Inkling.

It's being published in CoroCoro, so the fact that they're using the boy Inkling as the lead isn't really surprising.

Younger boys are their primary demograph?

CoroCoro? Yes. The main demographic is elementary school boys. Has a lot of Doraemon, Pokemon and Yokai Watch. So yes, it makes sense.

In contrast, there was an Animal Crossing manga featured in Ciao magazine, which is for young girls.

In fact, both magazines are from the same parent company. Most Nintendo related stuff goes in CoroCoro, though, and features prominent male protagonists. I'm sure there will be other things aimed at girls with Splatoon, but most of the stereotypical themes in girl manga wouldn't make much sense trying to promote Splatoon.

Hopefully an anime too!

I wonder if this is by the Squid Girl creator. He did a lot of fan art when the game was first announced. 

Yep. Incoming anime for sure. I kinda love this new Nintendo that is trying their hand in all sorts of other fields of entertainment.

I would buy this in a heartbeat. Since I'm learning Japanese. I would agree that Masahiro Abe would make a perfect fit for an anime adaptation.


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