Bravely Second devs talk DLC/patches/sequels, currently thinking about Western release

Coming from series producer Tomoya Asano...

- has ideas for a Bravely Third
- next title might not necessarily be a sequel to Bravely Default and Bravely Second
- have plans for patches for Bravely Second
- dev team hasn't thought of DLC for additional story content
- no plans for a For the Sequel version for Bravely Second
- at the moment, they’re only thinking about the Western version of Bravely Second
- currently thinking about whether a sequel or a completely new title would be more appropriate

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Loved the first game, I really hope it comes here to the West!
A new storyline would be great as well, since the gameplay has been used twice, we might as well get a fresh start with new characters to follow! Smile

Well, at least they're thinking about a NA localization for this game. I'm not feeling so confident about DQVIII...

I'm expecting a localization announcement from SE this E3.

The way they put it, and it may be a translation issue so I'm not stopping the presses or anything, but it sounds to me like this is more or less an unofficial confirmation of the game coming West.

By all accounts, Bravely Default exceeded sales expectations in North America and Europe, so I would really be shocked if Bravely Second does *not* get localized.

The first game is one of my all-time favorite 3DS titles, so I've really got my hopes up. Localized Final Fantasy Explorers? Not so much.


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