Mall fountain gets a Splatoon makeover just in time for launch (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Here's another fountain that got the Splatoon treatment. You see the green water a lot better in this pic.

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So this is what the statues were for.

I've been here! Ah man, I wish I could see that in person for a few reasons.

Man, why didn't Nintendo give Super Smash Bros this much promotional love? It's great to see Nintendo getting more involved with sending people the notice of their new games though, so I can't complain.

Because Smash is a game that can sell itself.

Now if the fountain squirted ink or something. Still cool.

I must say, I am impressed at how much they are promoting this game. They are finally starting to really make everyone aware of their newer games. Smile

I love how hard they're pushing Splatoon, but why couldn't they have done this for Bayonetta 2?

Yeah, no kidding.

This is the kind of effort Nintendo should have been putting into the console and it's exclusives from launch.


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