Monster Hunter X announced for 3DS

- Built on 4G engine
- new super actions for all weapons m
- focus on the hunter and doing flashy and cool actions
- concept is to take the action and make it flashy/bold/varied
- bolstering the actions in both variation and number
- much more technical
- classes now have special attacks tha you can activate as an accent to the action
- will have returning areas from previous games
- due out this Winter in Japan
- Beruna is base village,set at base of mountain range
- 4 styles of play, each with different special move


whoa, sounds cool and quite interesting. MONSTER HUNTER X!
It seems the X is starting to become a trend now.
Just saw the trailer on Nintendo Direct, and it looks great! I wish they'd make it for Wii U though..


gotta query

are all these new 3ds games for the new 3ds or the old one?

Should be for both. There still isn't any new 3DS exclusive except Xenoblade 3DS.

Wasn't expecting this. Kinda blew my mind. My new 3DS will put it to good use.

Sun May 31 15 04:07pm
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Interesting... I loved MonHun3 on WiiU... but after a while it seemed the monsters would always kick my butt; probably because I never used the support items and just stuck to wailing on them. The description makes it sound like you can rely on simple, straightforward bashing and still win... might have to look into it.

Im still playing mh3 on my 3ds. Its soooo long.


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