Full details on Yoshi's Woolly World amiibo use

- Yarn Yoshi amiibo will allow players to save their favorite Yoshi pattern
- two other Yoshi amiibo (Mario Party, Smash Bros.) will unlock Double Yoshi, but will not be made of yarn
- Pikachu, Charizard, Greninja, Jigglypuff, and Lucario amiibo will unlock additional Yoshi patterns
- Pokemon amiibo will not offer patterns based on Pokemon

Thanks to Cipher DX for the heads up!

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Aww damnit I was hoping my normal Yoshi would turn into a yarn one.
Also: what is up with Pokemon...I wouldn't be surprised if the next main games are made for mobile and tablets.

Pokémon isn't going anywhere. The lack of Pokémon amiibo use in games is likely due to be the fact that Pokémon is dealt with significantly more by The Pokémon Company than it is by Nintendo, so while there certainly aren't any rights issues, maybe TPC is just being awkward.

I really hate how this means we won't have a Mewtwo Yoshi. :c

TPC should really get their heads out of their asses with all this amiibo bullshit. It's one thing to be protective of your IP, but to deny something as harmless as a Yoshi pattern... c'mon...

The Pokémon amiibo are some of my favorite, but they're the most useless of them all. I'm surprised that even the third party ones get more support.

Yeah, TPC is just saving Pokemon Amiibo for Pokken Wii U [but it's still silly of them to ignore all other opportunities until then].

I've read that the SPLATOON Amiibo will also unlock Yoshi Patterns [I can't wait to see Squid Yarn Yoshi]!


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