Counterfeit amiibo hit retailers in Brazil

You know you have a hot product when knock-offs start hitting the market. Yes indeed, there are counterfeit amiibo making the marketplace rounds in Brazil. That means there's definitely a chance fakes can hit other regions. Be careful when purchasing through third party resellers!

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I guess I won't be buying amiibo online anymore...

Um... what did they expect?! Nintendo has exited the Brazilian market and importing can add $90+ to the package.

I'd buy one if I lived in Brazil. It's only Ninty's fault.

Nintendo isn't really popular here in Brazil. Not saying they aren't at fault, but it isn't that rewarding to sell official products here.

btw I never saw counterfeit amiibos here.

Nintendo never invested in Brazil like Sega did, back in the day. And in the last decade, they never invested in Brazil like Sony and Microsoft. And yet the Super NES, the Wii and the DS were all ubiquitous. Not to mention the many, many "alternative" versions of the NES, such as the Phantom System and the Top Game.

I'd certainly disagree that they're not popular here. Just look what happened when McDonald's released Mario figurines.

One wonders what would happen if they actually showed they care for a change.

Seems like a plausible solution for the people that want to fill their shelf.

Considering that a lot of people have repeatedly said that they have no interest whatsoever in ever using them for the "toy to life" and "unlocking content" things, this counterfeiters might be sitting on a gold mine if their price is right.

It's hard enough already to get an amiibo... now we might have to start worrying about counterfeits. Niiiiiiiiiiiice. Collecting amiibos has been really fun.

Took a fair while - since it is "somehow simple" to mass-produce fakemiibos... well for about € 2000 you can start the production.

Since the NXP NFC chips inside the Amiibos are not encrypted you can "clone" the information on another NFC chip (and NXP NFC chips are pretty cheap even at Amazon. And you can get read/write units for less than €50)

And making plastic figurines with colour by the power of a 3d printer is getting also more and more easy.

Oh no! This is a problem! Now people will actually be able to get a hold of amiiboesque things!

You don't mean to say that people other than scalpers will be able to obtain them, do you!? We can't allow that!

I hope the scalpers start scalping these instead, then it would make it easier for others to get the official ones from first and second party sellers.

Does the NFC still work?

If they were cheap enough (less than MSRP of real ones) and the NFC chips actually work, I'd honestly get some of these and not care that they're fake.

People will pay others like $50 for custom figures, but have issues with bootlegs when they're more or less the same. All that matters for me is if it does what it's supposed to do.

I don't support stealing money from Nintendo, but if this makes it easier to get some amiibo, then whatever. Nintendo's the one at fault for botching every single release of amiibo except the Mario series.


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