USK - Nintendo eShop will join IARC in the future

The German ratings board USK has made an interesting statement regarding IARC. What is IARC? It stands for International Age Rating Coalition and allows developers to publish their games more easily. The developer will fill in a form and the IARC will calculate the appropriate rating for each region. Here is a video that explains it a bit more in detail.

Why is this important to Nintendo gamers you might ask? According to the USK, the regular digital store fronts will apparently join IARC at some point in the future. This includes the Nintendo eShop. You can find the full statement here below. Much thanks to Gerjet for the translation!

"The USK announced that they will, as a founding member of the IARC, handle the age rating for apps and online games together with their partners. IARC is a groundbreaking swift of turning regional rating processes in a globalized one for apps. As the first distribution platforms Google Play Store and the Firefox Marketplace joined the system. Other partners like the Microsoft Xbox Live Store, Nintendo eShop and Playstation Network are awaited to join in the future.''

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Mon Jun 08 15 05:35am
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Let me be the first:

REGION FREE!!! Smile!!

Because, age rating is the biggest issue with a region free console. It's the one reason why Nintendo locked the software to regions.

See, that reasoning never made sense to me. Despite age ratings being in place since the Super NES days, they didn't utilize any locking for GB/GBC, GBA, or DS.

On the Sony side of things, PS3, PS4, PSP, and PS Vita have all been region-free, too. Content ratings were never an issue for them. You can even setup PSN accounts for other regions to download games from foreign PSN shops (granted, this is a bit of a pain for Vita... but that's another matter). And heck, even Microsoft went region-free with the Xbox One.

So, yeah, I seriously doubt content ratings were the issue at hand, despite what Nintendo has said. It simply doesn't make sense. Block an NA Wii U/3DS from accessing the JP eShop? Fine. But I should at least be able to buy physical Japanese games and play them on an NA system without issue.

Other than licensing issues (which are even more evil than age ratings) it's the only obvious issue with releasing games with a regio lock.

Also regio locking does have a good side: this way more developers are inclined to release their games in other regions. So without region locking we might never have seen some of the better rare localisations of games.


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