Call of Duty: Black Ops III not coming to Wii U

Coming from Activision's blog...

...Also, it should be noted that there's no version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for Nintendo Wii U planned.

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Okay, okay, that's fine. But...why are you making versions for consoles that are almost a decade old? That just seems weird to me, when most of your audience has probably upgraded to PS4 and XB1 by now.

That's because they like money and they know that there are a sufficient amount of people still playing CoD games online on their old consoles. Not surprising, not everyone feels that a new CoD game justifies buying a new console, especially if it doesn't add to the gameplay to begin with.

Because even at 10 years old there are way more people playing them than Wii U. And on those systems people still buy 3rd party games (not like any major 1st party games are getting released for them anymore).

this just make me mad. for me this is pure BULL S#17

Stuff like this used to make me very upset, too, but I've accepted that Nintendo home consoles will never be treated equally, will miss out on most games and extra content, and will probably never reach the type of game library that it used to have on the Super NES.

The Wii U is pretty much a dead console. Enjoy the sprinkle of content it's getting until its ultimate death (when Nintendo stops supporting it with games), because there isn't much we can do.

Being a Nintendo fan is bad for my health. It's giving me high blood pressure.

"Being a Nintendo fan is bad for my health. It's giving me high blood pressure." YES.

Same here since Nintendo takes very long to release titles when there is a huge drought

I don't really care for COD (and if I did I'd get it on PC) but I really wish third parties would stop sabotaging Nintendo platforms.

Injure the installbase with lack of support, say lack of support is because of small installbase, rince and repeat.

They like their self-prophecies [they turned their nose up at the Wii's reveal and lost out by coming in too late, and then decided to the same again with the Wii U, which has seen less success, as has the Xbone to 360 and the PS4].

I just don't think third parties even really want three systems on the market really. There will always be a 'But' when it comes to Nintendo platforms.

I just don't think third parties even really want three systems on the market really.

...but they often choose to support multiple consoles, leaving out just Nintendo's most of the time.
PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, sometimes Vita.
Everything BUT Nintendo.

It's like these Third Parties have an illl will towards Nintendo.

I know, right. Couldn't be... *he lies*

Guys, guys it's okay. We have Splatoon.

But in all honesty, I'm not a big COD fan. Besides we all were likely expecting this. I think WiiU will be just fine without another first person shooter clone.

Would the eShop be just fine without another platformer that looks like it belongs on NES? Because if any genre is getting oversaturated now, it's that one.

At least there's variety in platformers. I'll take 10 sequels to the creativity found in Mutant Mudds or Xeodrifter over a mechanically rehashed COD game any day. I'm not against shooters, I have my fair share of CoD clones and fps generics, but I'm not phased from having that game taken away.

Guys, guys it's okay. We have Splatoon.

Would it sound right saying that it's okay if we don't get F-Zero because we have Mario Kart?
Call of Duty isn't Splatoon, and Splatoon isn't Call of Duty. So, to me, a fan of many games, it is certainly not "okay".

Wed Jun 10 15 12:44am
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I was joking dude, chill. I get that there's fans of the series out there that want it on WiiU. I may not be one of them but, hey, when it hurts it hurts. I don't like that Fallout 4 isn't coming to WiiU. So everyone just chill before you start attacking me because you love a game, we all love games and we love Nintendo and we love to have fun, we all bleed my brothers and sisters. Let's all be friends.

Having said that, Mario Kart and F-Zero aren't racing clones. There are genre clones all the time *cough* CoD *cough* but just because it's a rehashing doesn't mean it isn't going to be a good game (See every mario game ever)

Man, this is pretty devastating. I mean, Call of Duty is the whole reason I bought a Wii U.

I will never, ever buy a console for one game series, even if it's by Nintendo themselves.
Nothing's guaranteed, especially on Nintendo consoles.

In the words of Iwata-san, "Please understand". I was just joking.

oh there's still one for older systems ? oh man, that's so stupid. well I know pointer controls are over, it wasn't that great with the ironsight anyway, but still . At least splatoon proved to me, there's no need to rely on chasing little dots while mashing buttons, and more importantly aiming is still fun. Seriously though, all those quick zooms it's just silly.
And yet I was still hoping for one more ! so two cods and a vastly superior nintendoland's metroid blast, that's all we get. Oh well

Eh, so what if Black Ops 3 isn't coming to wii-u, we're getting the much more interesting and unique looking Devil's Third as an Exclusive instead

It shouldn't matter what else is coming, because those other titles aren't Call of Duty. It would have been nicer to have them all. No omissions.

Man you need to chill out. If CoD came to WiiU I'm sure we'd all be happy Smile No hard feelings bro. I'm sorry for your loss, but at this point I think most of us aren't expecting CoD games to come to the console anymore, at least not new ones.

dont mind him lol from what I seen he always like that.

What are you talking about?

Eh, not really surprised about this news, I would've been real surprised if they ever realeased the game on the system.

Hate to say it but pretty unfortunate. The Wiimote controls on Ghost were nice. Oh well.

Highly unfortunate but not exactly unexpected. The GamePad vs TV multiplayer with pointer controls supported both on GamePad and on TV sounded like a really great touch, and Treyarch always tried to make great Nintendo versions of CoD. A shame.

Tue Jun 09 15 03:03pm
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After Activision disbanded Treyarch's Wii/Wii U team after the first and only DLC for both Blops 2 Wii U and Ghosts Wii U and skipped Advanced Warfare on Wii U, I'm not surprised at the news of a lack of Blops 3 Wii U.

Regardless, if Nintendo moneyhatted for Blops 3 Wii U, it will still have the same problems as Blops 2 Wii U and Ghosts Wii U.

1) Only four months of game patches. If an exploit is found in the Wii U version after support ceases, then we get to suffer while all other platforms get the exploit fixed.

2) We may only get the pre-order free map, but no other DLC. Not even free guns or game modes.

3) Blops 3 Wii U would just be another "late" Wii U version either coming with a very late announcement (so everybody gets it on other platforms anyways) and/or releases after the other versions when everyone interested already has it on other platforms.

Back in Blops 2 Wii U's prime, players were 3,000 strong. But due to poor support from everybody, you only see 500-1500 active at any given time now. Half of the Wii U base might comeback if Activision and Nintendo offered better support and marketing. But we're in a vicious cycle. People aren't into the Wii U because of poor support, but since nobody is buying into the Wii U, no major devleoper wants to support the console outside several indie developers.

At least they confirmed it.

I myself am not interested, but this was kinda cheap towards the fans, because they made the fans believe something is coming because they included the possibility of linking your website account/leaderboards/or something else I don't remember to your NIntendo network account (I got the terms wrong, but still, the point is - they launched something new, and it still supported Nintendo's CoD:s).

Thanks for caring about my needs, Activision!

I'm not going to pretend to be upset because I don't really care. Guess I'm part of the reason they don't come out on Nintendo consoles, huh?

Dang it. No pointer controls for BlOps 3 Sad

Oops. My expectation was wrong. ;(
Then, why Activision put NNID function on their callofduty website?
It's weird.

If I was making a game geared towards 12 year olds, I wouldn't want to get beat by on a console by a grownup game like Splatoon! either. I say that Activision is doing the right thing by backing out of a fight they'll lose.

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