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Yes! FINALLY some more gameplay footage and a japanese release date. Game looks like it'll fill in nicely on the WiiU roster considering there aren't any games like it on the platform (at least none that I can think of with this kind of depth)

Releasing a youtube video with absolutely no announcement? At least in Japan Nintendo is just dumping it out there. Hopefully it at least gets a mention at E3, even if it's just a short trailer + NA release date.

It seems like overall Nintendo has not been promoting it almost at all. Not sure about in Japan,. but yea they get a video but I don't doubt it'll come to the US I mean it looks practically targeted for US gamers. I'm not surprised they made this video for Japan first, since it's coming out there sooner (as most games do) it'll probably come out a few months after they get it. They prob gotta work on localization crap. But yea if they showed it at e3 I'd be super happy.

Tue Jun 09 15 10:20pm
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I actually expect that the game was in English already and had to be translated into Japanese. If I remember correctly the game already had the voices in English. If anything I think it'll release this summer here, just like Japan. Holidays already seem kind of crowded with Mario Maker, Fatal Frame, Star Fox, and possibly Xeno & an unannounced title (like an Animal Crossing U).

True, I guess it's very possible. I'd totally be down with that!

It's nice to see new footage on this game

Wait what?

Just... BAM! Here it is after a YEAR of silence?

Highlight from the video for me was the map builder. Some good hype right there.

i did like it, was expecting a boost on the graphics but didn't see much difference. i really want to se the multiplayer! looks very fun!

Yea I'm sure excited for the multiplayer too!

This looks really fun. Can't wait to play this!

I'm expecting Nintendo to announce a release date in a PR for this game.

There has hardly been any focus on this game since E3 last year.

Wow, from what I gathered, he spoke very favorably about working with Nintendo, which is always a great thing. I will be supporting this game no matter what.

Youtube's subtitle translations were very informative.

A couple of highlights:

"That interest and money problems boat is annoying I According to that game corpse Democrats"

"It is scissors the speaking pork basis"

"Beer Garden"

"Slob Woman 35"

"I made hard"

LOL... I see YouTube translations are about as effective as Google's. lol

Beer garden? Slob Woman? I made hard?

I'm sold!

Wed Jun 10 15 04:19am
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The gameplay looks far smoother than last year, overall it looks far more polished.

I think the graphics on the single player side are decent, the framerate looks stable now too. Can't say the same about the multiplayer, but it does have some very unique and interesting features, which I hope will turn out well.

Wed Jun 10 15 10:08am
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What I wanted was NGB/2 + Vanquish.

What I saw was a sluggish brawler with context-sensitive canned animation moves every 2 seconds, CoD shooting mechanics, and one of those generic aesthetics you see in Eastern online shooters trying to ape CoD/BF. I'm not impressed.

At least it seems they've ironed out the bugs and polished the game so that it's actually playable.

I'm still buying it day 1, but I guess I'll have to wait for PG to make MGR2 with guns... if Konami lets them. Sad

I was not really sold on this so far. Now I think it looks really good. It's a lot less generic than I thought it would because it totally embraces its cheesiness.

Looking really good. I love the idea of building your base with others.

Also to @HAMR, "It is scissors the speaking pork basis". It sure is. Definitely.

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