Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS - 'New Content Approaching' live-stream/blog

- Roy confirmed for return, more powerful than he was in Melee, updated look, Final Smash is a sword blow

- Lucas and Roy will be made available at the same time

- Virtual Fighter mii costumes (Jackie, Akira)

- Mega Man EXE, Zero mii costumes

- Isabelle from Animal Crossing mii costumes

- Inklings mii costumes

- in-game Splatoon trophies

- classic Kirby stage from original Smash, as well as Mario and Hyrule stages

- Miiverse stage coming soon, will be free

- Next wave of amiibo hit Japan on Sept. 10th, Europe on Sept. 25th

- tourneys mode will feature community tourneys

- regular tourneys only happen at certain times

- tourneys coming in August

- share replay videos on YouTube with the Wii U version, video files viewable via PC and smartphone as well

- Ryu from Street Fighter confirmed, has weak/strong attacks, tap/hold attack buttons for different attacks, uses combs, toss a hadouken with the press of one button or by using the original button press from Street Fighter, shoryuken works the same, two final smashes

- Street Fighter stage coming as well, including omega form, coming to Wii U and 3DS, background music from the original game as well, Wii U version also has Ken's music and a remix, as well as a remix of Ryu's stage theme remix

- Ruy, Ken trophies coming as well

- Heihachi Mii fighter costume

- all content available today


So can't watch it. Will the other new stages besides miiverse be free

Yeah, ok, Capcom has been less than shady with their Wii U support, but Ryo looks cool, so I'll download him later.

Miiverse and Kirby Dreamland 64 stages and Fountain of Dreams music are good too.

That Roy x 8 FS combo scene was hilarious though! xD

Mii Fighter Amiibo! No customs, though. :/ And others.

Hyrule Castle 64. Never played it, Could be fun.

Character communities for the Miiverse stage, huh. Oh boy, best avoid the FE ones!

I'm getting really sick of all the Fire Emblem characters, Marth now has 2 clones, is that really necessary? and his 2 clones are much more clones than luigi and dr. Mario are for Mario. Is Super Smash Bros. a celebration of characters from Nintendo franchises? Or is it just an excuse for them to ram Fire Emblem down our throats (a really crap franchise I might add) and a means of capcom getting publicity for street fighter in preparation for street fighter 5 (which won't be on any Nintendo console anyway).

Someone's bitter here. Jeez. If you aren't interested in them, don't buy them, plain and simple. Roy's just a returning character folks were asking for. Ryu looks ridiculous and seems to have a ton of effort put in.

Pretty sure this was said about Mario and Pokémon universes, and arguably for any other universe that will exceed six characters that is not someone's personal favorite.

And pretty sure the series, though I am not much a fan myself, has had the greatest headway for anything non-Mario in years for Nintendo. So I can't say there is evidence of the game being "crap" to so so many. But what is a deserving franchise? Metroid, a series which has been bastardized into smitherines since Prime came to fuck things up? Or F-Zero, a franchise seemingly forgotten as the mechanics are blended into Mario?

What?! DLC is optional... what's wrong man?

Some nice announcements, can't wait to play the Kirby and Hyrule Castle 64 stages! I still don't think Ryu/Street Fighter belongs in Smash, especially with all the SF button combos they're putting in, but whatever. I won't get Ryu right away, but eventually I probably will just to have every character. I'm sure many will be happy with the posting to YouTube feature too.

Sun Jun 14 15 11:08am
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Now comes the fun part: Guessing which ones will be store exclusive from that September juggernaut wave.

Oh God, I hadn't even considered that. I fear this will be a nightmare.

Sun Jun 14 15 11:08am
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Something I noticed, now that they've revealed ROB, G&W, Duck Hunt, and Mii Fighters amiibo, the only amiibo that we haven't actually seen yet (besides the DLC characters) is Falco! Wonder if they're cooking up something special for Star Fox at E3 because of that.

Edit: Nevermind, I didn't catch the beginning so didn't see that Falco amiibo was actually announced. I wonder why they didn't include him in the picture at the end?

I think the clone characters are a little overpriced. Ryu not so much, but to be honest, I would like some sort of Season Pass that can just unlock me everything as soon as they become available. Not into this microtransaction thing at all. Bit of a nickel and dime if I can be honest.

Yeah, I'm also very not pleased at the pricing. I also find it ridiculous that you have to buy each piece of content for each version. Very, very discouraging.

Sun Jun 14 15 11:26am
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Can't wait to play Nintendo vs Fire Emblem. Just joking, I'm so glad Roy is back in Smash Bros. Plus he seems to be somewhat more clone like Luigi is to Mario. I also recognize that Lucina, Dark Pit etc don't take as much effort as other characters to add into Smash Bros.

Aaaaah now going to wait till 10AM to see who to purchase.

Edit: Oops, sorry for the typos. R

Sun Jun 14 15 11:31am
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Not buying anything...

If this was Mario Kart 8, everything would be bundled for 7 or 8 dollars.

4 dollars for a character? Hell no, I can get some good indie games on Steam for that price.

This is all BS, Nintendo is now doing the same thing companies like Capcom and EA do. Freakin' microtransactions....

Even bundled at 8 bucks people everywhere would feel Nintendo intentionally charged too much.

Meanwhile, it baffles me everyone is okay with MKX chargin ten bucks for Jason Vorhees...

Sun Jun 14 15 01:14pm
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Same for me, AndreLOL33.
I would pay that price only for Banjo-Kazooie.

to be honest I don't know all that many FE characters. Still at least it makes more sense than ryu , well at least that awful heihachi is just a costume. The virtua fighters are pretty cool, but no reason to bring any vf on any nintendo platforms, nope. Or even doa5, the audience obviously is open to buying costumes, but no no no. please m2 do not bring vf2 genesis, please.
If they are planning on producing content as long as they are making new amiibo, this just won't stop ! lol

So how painful is it going to be to get September's Amiibo? There are three that I would love to have.

I wonder if the people at Nintendo are studying the possibility of re-releasing this game some time in the future, as some kind of "Ultimate Edition" with all the DLC included right out of the box, and a couple of new features thrown in order to round the package.

The ammount of Capcom fanservice would be an interesting foreshadowing if such a thing happens.

Wow, Ryu looks amazing... if a little OPd. I wonder if that will attract gamers of other systems that play SF... this might just make things really interesting...

Sun Jun 14 15 03:26pm
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Really sad that my favorite character (Falco) gets his amiibo LAST. Argh... Doesn't seem like I'll be spending much money in September. As for the new DLC it's more expensive than I thought it would be, and I felt that Mario Kart 8's DLC was too expensive (Which is why I skipped that DLC). May get Ryu if others like him but i'm honestly more interested in Roy due to his upgrades.

Well thanks to the leaks that ended up being a direct you could sleep through. And I did.

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